The City of Fogdown



??? – Mirtul 20 1373

As the Drow knockout poison wore off, Dynff, Faridoon, Drall and Vuutharak found themselves suspended from the ceiling of a damp dimly lit room by chains around their hands, their feet dangling over a blood stained grate. The only light came from red embers burning in a smith furnace in front of them.

After a moment of struggling to get free, a large scared Drow entered the room followed closely a tall but older human dressed in a fine dark blue doublet and a brown shoulder cape. A jewel encrusted brooch holding the cape around his neck was the symbol of House Samreich and the leather bracers on his arms were branded with the orange gear of the Mechanex Faction. The group immediately recognized him as Senator Aaron Klinhelm.

The four resisted all attempts to pry information out of them – even after the drow, whose name was Zethlin, beat them repeatedly with a red hot poker he was using to stir coals in the furnace. Faaridoon revealed that they had been hired by Samreich to delve into the mines, like other explorers had been, but were betrayed. Aaron Klinhelm recognized them as the group he saw in the basement of Jinx Witherstone’s warehouse.

After Zethlin severally beat the group, particularly Faaridoon and Vuutharak who were the most resistant, Aaron called for him to stop – telling him that he had to go consult with Meldrath on what to do and instructed him to “let them rot until he returned.”

Back in their cells, Drall was strangely silent and reserved and sat quietly as Faaridoon attempted to break from his manacles. Meanwhile Vuutharak began to crew through his chains, while Dynff sat thinking about the situation. After a few hours Vuutharak was mostly free, but lacked a means to break the lock on his cell door. Drall looked to his god for guidance, and using a command got the guard to enter his cell. Unfortunately, his hold person was resisted by the guard. Seizing on the only opportunity they may have, Faaridoon leapt on the human guard, tackling him to the ground and smashing his head against the ground.

Now free from the cells, the group thought of what to do next, only to spot two drow slavers down the hallway, watching them escape! The four made a break for it running as quickly as they could down the hallways of the compound. Faaridoon, Vuuthrak and Dynff weren’t quick enough and a mob of guard descended upon them. Drall made it though, eventually running out of the compound and into a vast underground slave market! He doubled back after he reached the market, loosing the guards that had chased after him, including Zethlin and another drow named Il’xan. Returning to the group Drall found the three had killed the guards who intersected them, but not with out Dynff being knocked unconscious.

After healing Dynff and regrouping, the four headed to the main entrance that Drall had found, only to run into the guards Drall had lost! A fierce battle ensued – the group without their normal weapons or armor fought bitterly for freedom. Finally, the four got the upper hand, as Dynff jumped up on a table and wrapping the chain that locked his hands together around Zethlins neck, kicked with all his might at the back of Zethlin’s head snapping his neck. Il’xan fell quickly after, along with the other guards. On Il’xan the ground found a note that read as follows:


Included in this letter is a diagram of how to travel to the location just outside the core. I’ve consulted with Meldrath and he agrees – it is too dangerous to let the four live, even if they would agree with work with us. They are not to be sold. Kill them and make sure the bodies are never found. When you have finished meet me at the core excavation site. Our Sharite partners have completed their task of digging a path to the core, but I suspect they are plotting to betray us. It has something to do with the cursed workings of their bitch goddess and the core.

Aaron Klinhelm

Also, Drall found several notes detailing the dealings of the market – implementing House Samreich as the owners of massive underground slave market that was used as a clearing house for dozen of slave companies that came to the island to trade. Drall also took to dismembering Zethlin’s body, pocketing an ear before he left. He would have his revenge piece by piece.

Now, free from their cells and having enacted the beginnings of their revenge on those that took them here – the group found themselves still locked in the compound with a huge hostile slave market just outside the doors. While Vuutharak began snooping around the compound and found a room with several supplies – ale, oil for lanterns, crates of rations, as well as a repository for weapons and armor they stripped from the slaves including theirs. Rearmed and ready for the fight, Drall and Vuutharak rallied the freed slaves. In a passionate declaration, Vuutharak told them the plain truth: “I was once as slave as well, and I know there is nothing for you here but death and servitude. Better to die free than sever any man!” And with that, they rolled a barrel of lantern oil into the middle of the market and set it afire. Chaos broke loose on the market at slaves chained together struggle to feel the burning oil. Screams of guards and merchants echoed in the cavern as the slaves flanked left and right into the market, heading north. Meanwhile, the four slipped off to the east, convincing an Illthid merchant and a guard that they were fleeing the slave revolt as well!

Slowing their pace once they reached a safe distance from the slave market the group traveled for several hours through winding stone tunnels until they finally emerged into one of lower pipelines of the sewers. There they rested for a time before continuing on, with Vuutharak as the lead. After an encounter with a large Cockroach, the group finally broke free from the sewers, coming to the surface in the very western part of the Upper Docks! The day was almost over on the surface, and but the sea air filled their lungs and felt good. Faaridoon took a secure room at the Day Harbors Inn with Dynff and Drall, while Vuutharak returned to his sewer layer by the docks.

While Faaridoon and Dynff immediately took to resting, Drall was still overcome by the loss of his dear companion Daebin to the Drow slavers. He spoke with Jane “Split Tongue” for awhile before he wondered out into the foggy night. He returned several hours later with his arms covered in blood, and a tattered brass brooch clutched in his hands.



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