The City of Fogdown

Visiting Friends

Visiting Friends

Mirtul 20 – Mirtul 22 1373

Faridoon awoke to the heavy rain beating on the single cloudy window in their dreary private room at the Day Harbor Inn. Faridoon stumbled awake, his head beating from the exceptionally heavy drinking the night before in celebration of being around something that resembles civilization. Amongst the empty bottles on the desk, there was a note from Dynff. He had left earlier on business. He said he would return in a few days, Mask permitting, and that the Hangmen would be in touch soon expecting a report from their journey to the Samreich abandoned mines. Drall awoke as Faaridoon clambered through the empty bottles in the room. He remembered the night before and quickly washed the dried blood from his hands. Faaridoon went quickly downstairs for breakfast while Drall, in somber tones, said he had business to attend to as well.

Elsewhere in the Upper Docks, under the busy streets around the northern port, Vuutharak awoke to heavy water moving outside his sewer lair. The day was s special day that stood out in his memory from his hatchling days to even the darkest moments of his slavery. It was the day of the year when the Dark Talon clan paid respect and tribute to Malgorvanoxx, the Ashenmaw, ancient sir of his tribe, and slayer of Nathlandale. He tended to his thing before beginning the short ritual. He went through the same motions he always had for now more than a decade. He traced a complex set of ruins in a circle in the dirt with his talon. He adorned his loin cloth with his tribe symbol on it, knelt at the edge and began to chant. From his side, he took out a worn leather bag and emptied it into the circle, casting the ornate ruin covered bones all around the center. Yultageka had taught him how to use the bones, how to look into the them and ask the wisdom and insight of his ancestors—unfortunately he just never saw anything important. He began to chant – Ia Ia Malgorvanoxx Fataga, Ia Ia Malgorvanoxx Fataga. Over and over. After sometime, it looked like this day would pass like all the others, in uneventful disappointment. But as soon as he stopped chanting, he became away of dozen of other voices all around chanting with him. Suddenly the bones began to move slowly and spell something: What is your offering to the Ashenmaw? Knowing well that Malgorvanoxx often accepted precious gems as offerings, he placed the emeralds he had found underground in the circle. As he did, the ruins began to glow a faint green and the room somehow became even darker. A shadow stretched out from the center of the circle against the wall and unfurled immense shadowy wings. Two blinding green eyes open in the darkness as a torrent of wind began to whip around the underground lair. The shadow spoke: “Vuutharak Vorastrix… take what your forbears had before you, the time has come. Will you accept my gift?” And as Vuutharak nodded slowly one of the emeralds he had placed in the circle floated up quickly into the air and then flew at an incredible speed, slamming into the place his right eye had once been. It burned with tremendous fire as acid poured from the socket, spilling over his hands as he clawed and winced. The shadow spoke again: ““Listen now! The time has come. Use the gift that I have given you!” “I have slept for too long, and my bones are growing restless…” “Creatures of soft flesh and blood have moved my bones… taken me away from my hallowed marsh… Vuutharak, you are the last of my offspring! The soft ones seek you… They seek you… Vuuthrak, they are coming for you! I will awaken!” And then the room was quite, only light coming from the still glowing ruins around the circle. Vuutharak rushed from his room, and headed towards the Day Harbors Inn.

Meanwhile, Drall traveled through the heavy spring rain to meet with Morgana De’Fey who was surprised to see him. Drall recounted nearly everything he had seen and heard about what was transpiring underground between the the Cult of the Lady’s Hand and the Mechanex Faction. In exchange he asked that Morganna help return his beloved companion Dabien from the dead. Morganna, at first confused by the request to return his zombie dog form the dead, instead played into his fantasy presuming this will help her better manipulate the poor half-orc further down the road. She told him she would prepare a body by the evening and to come by then. Drall left the Watery Nook for Xobol’s Taxidermy to gather some supplies for the ritual that night.

Back at the tavern, Faaridoon just finished his second meal and fifth drink, when he heard a commotion outside. After a moment, two Grey Knights entered and began to harass patrons. Faaridoon kept to his drink until the two came to him, asking if he knew where they could find a human by the name of Faaridoon. Faaridoon, not willing to be intimated by the two guards, rose from his chair and made a motion for his mace. The two guards backed off and handed him a letter, stating that they were just trying to deliver a message. Faaridoon took the letter and said he would give it to him if he ran into him. To noted stated plainly: Green Boar. Sundown. Mirtul 22. After a few minutes, Vuutharak arrived, the rain running off his black scales and excitedly explained (or tired to explain) what had occurred at his yearly ritual. Faaridoon was confused. He listened and then passed him the note from the Grey Knights. The two drank, discussed what to do next, and waited from Drall to return.

Drall returned to the Watery Nook at sundown, and reviewed and adjusted Morgana’s preparation before she began the ritual. After she finished, she warned Drall that necromancy is officially illegal on the island and that her brother Morgan, actively hunts with his organization those necromancers that try to go even farther than what is taken in the underground as acceptable. After the ritual, Drall adorned his new “trusted friend” with armor and clothing, masking the skeleton’s face with a cowl and hood.

Drall and his new friend arrived at the Day Harbor Inn an hour after sundown. Now together the three discussed what to do next and agreed to go to the Green Boar the next night. They passed the evening over drinks and foods, and spent most the next day doing the same. That evening, they traveled to the Green Boar where they meet Jonny Undergallows and Enveris Tren, Dynff’s Shadowfather. The three told them both everything that had happened, their imprisonment and escape. In exchange for the log book detailing slaver trades oversaw by House Samerich, Jonny agreed to put them up in a safe tennament in the north call the Corner House Apartments, with Dynff. He also gave them three hundred gold to divide amongst themselves for their troubles. He also instructed them to go to the location detailed on the noted found on Il’xan’s body from the slave market.

That night, they made their way through the sewers as fog descended upon the island towards the Black Hundreds Club, a place Faaridoon was fairly with and recognized as the haunt of a local gang to the Downs called the Black Hundred. Entering the alley, the group stumbled across two humans and an ogre. The two sides swiftly attacked ending with the death of one of the humans and the ogre, Vuutharak severely injured, and Faaridoon pinning the other human to the ground. After a quick interrogation, they learned the three were members of the Black Hundred and knew nothing of Aaron Klinhelm and “the Core”. He said, Kane their leader, told them to a few drow and humans through every now and then who had been headed to an abandoned and rumored haunted building at the end of the alley. The group let the bleeding human go, but not before Drall inflicted a bleeding touch on him. The man ran off screaming in pain.

The three headed to the abandoned house at the end of the block. There they found the dilapidated three story structure in ruins. They entered through the front gate into the the large, overgrown court yard. Before they could make it to the door, Vuutharak was grabbed by vine that began to strangle him. The group fought back the vine and entered the house. Just as they all crossed the threshold, a strong gust of wind slammed the doors behind them. The walls began to warp inward as the voice grew louder from the distance: “Help… me!”



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