The City of Fogdown

An Evening of Blood

An Evening of Blood

26 Tarsakh 1373

Dynff, Vuutharak and Faridoon waited patiently in their room at the Crow’s Roost for the hour of the party to arrive. They had decided 6:30 would be an appropriate time to begin the operation, meeting first in the alley behind Aldonmir’s Manor they scouted days before.

Their plan was now complete: Vuutharak would enter magically disguised as a Sunelf, with Faridoon as his bodyguard. Dynff would climb his way onto the balcony outside the west second floor bedroom. Vuutharak would approach Senator Olis Samreich, hand him a note detailing an offer to discuss business with his “employer from the Drow house Maelefka of Nyvin’dondrenz” in the room Dynff will be waiting in. Once the Senator is in the room, they will spring the trap.

As twilight began to fall on Fogdown, through the seas of people making their journeys to festivals across the island, the three headed to the alley to being. As they arrived, they saw the party had begun and guests were arriving to the manor. Vuutharak took the scroll in hand and began attempting to manipulate the magic item. With great difficultly he succeeded, after nearly an hour and half of trying. As they waited for Vuutharak, Dynff climbed onto the roof of Aldonmir’s Manor. Now with the spell successful they were on a timer: 30 minutes until Vuutharak reverted back to his true form!

Appearing as a dashing young Sunelf, Vuutharak and Faridoon entered the festival, the invitation passing as authentic. Inside they were greeted by a young noble by the name of Johnathan Samreich. He was egger to make the guests at home, and politely informed them dinner would begin in 20 minutes! Worried that his disguise would not last through dinner, Vuutharak requested to see Senator Olis Samreich on urgent business.

On the roof, Dynff entered into a family gallery in the attic: a hallway lined with painting of various Samreichian nobles of the past, and at the end, a large bronze statue of some goddess of earthly domains. As he approached the statue, his Drow senses went off suggesting some magical secret around the statue which he began to look for. Pressed for time, he abandoned his search and returned to the roof, securing his grappling hook, and rappelling his way to the second floor balcony to wait for Vuuthrak and Faridoon.

Inside, the Senator meet with Vuuthrak and took the note. He said he would return in a moment, stepping into the dinning area which guests were now being instructed to enter. Worried they would be trapped in the dinning hall, Vuutharak and Faridoon went out into a nearby hallway, under the guise of needing to use the restroom to freshen up.

As they waited in the hallway, thinking of what to do next, Senator Olis Samreich entered through the same door they had come through (from the ballroom) with his personal guard, Captain Steelbout. Vuuthrak led the way to the room.

Once they arrived, Vuutharak closed the door “for privacy”, as Captain Steelbout went around the room lighting the oil lanterns, and Faridoon “secured the room” and secretly swallowed a pinch of Redleaf. As soon as the room was lit, Dynff was revealed to be standing in front of glass balcony window, his hands behind his back; an ominous black shadow against the sky of the setting sun. Vuutharak opened the door and stepped aside; Capitan Steelbout prepared for trouble and placed his hand on his flail.

Immediately the Senator demanded to know “what business House Maelefka have meddling in the business of House Dy’Durith?” Grinning, Dynff tossed the garrot to Faridoon who snatched it out of the air, activated his magical tattoo and fired a poisoned bolt into Capitan Steelbout’s leg. Although injured, Capitan Steelbout fought off the poison. Faridoon, attempted to get the Senator in a garrot choke, but was disarmed by Captian Steelbout, and the Senator managed to fight off his grapple.

No longer in need of his disguise, Vuutharak leapt across the room, reaching out with his clawed hands while his Sunelf disguise bleed away midair, revealing his lizardfolk nature! With a fell swipe he gashed Capitan Steelbout’s neck, provoking his attention.

The battle ensued, with Captain Steelbout trying in vain to fend off the attackers. Dynff managed to poison the Senator, paralyzing him. With the Senator frozen in place, awaiting his death, the three focused on his personal guard.

Just then, Captain Steelbout gained the upper hand for a moment: Vuuthrak reeling back from an attack, Faridoon prone on the ground from being tripped, and Dynff’s poisoned arrows either not hitting or not working. Captain Steelbout turned to Faridoon to finish him with his flail as Faridoon began to stand. Deftly, Faridoon rolled on his side, avoiding the descending flail, and pulling out his mace, swung with all his might and caught Captain Steelbout in the leg, breaking it like a twig, knocking him unconscious!

The main threat neutralized, Faridoon slit the throat of the Senator and then Captain Steelbout, just as he was uttering his last words: “traitor!” Vuutharak took both gold rings on the Senator, despite Dynff insisting he give one to Faridoon, and Faridoon took the note they had passed to the Senator earlier and his garrot.

The three escaped to the roof, down into the sewers, and then finally back to the Crow’s Roost. From there they returned to the Upper Docks, with Vuutharak returning to his lair, and Faridoon and Dynff renting a secure room at the Day Harbor Inn.



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