The City of Fogdown

The City's True Face

The City’s True Face

29 Tarsakh 1373

Faridoon awoke late in the night to a knock at his door. Jack “The Feather”, an old friend from his past was waiting outside. He demanded that Faridoon come quickly to meet “the others.” His body still weak from illness, Faridoon followed Jack through the foggy streets to an abandoned pier of the northern docks. There, a small watering hole called the Broken Mug stood. Faridoon was familiar with the tavern from his youth and was on friendly terms with it’s owner a female shield dwarf named Dakartua Rohelm. The tavern was empty when they entered, except for several youth around a table, the largest one being referred to as Brandon. Just as the two were walking in, a youth next to Brandon was exclaiming that he was worried about the person they were going to meet stating “Brandon! I don’t trust him, this… this… freak we are meeting. He is too much like those infernal creatures! The cutters are practically kin!” As Jack and Faridoon approached the table, Brandon called out to them, but referred to Faridoon as “Kevil”, one of his friends that had died on that night many years ago. Faridoon, becoming unease began to step away towards the door. Just then Bradon began to laugh a deep laugh, his body twisting and growing, the room faded away to fire, and Asb’el again stood before him. Faridoon, taking out his mace and standing his ground demanded to know what the demon wanted. He replied that he had been summoned by Faridoon and his friends, and could not “escape” until they were all dead. Then, lifting his huge demon-faced mace over his head swung a tremendous blow at Faridoon, who suddenly awoke in a cold sweat, but feeling much better—his body having fought off the illness.

Drall finished his duties early in the morning, just as Urcheck call for him. A letter had come from Sevil, which contained instructions to visit the renowned Morgana De’Fey in the Upper Docks. Drall packed up his things, and with Daebian in toe, told Urcheck he would return when he could and the left for the Upper Docks. He arrived at the Watery Nook, by the afternoon and was taken immediately before Morgana, just as she was finishing a fairly lively argument with her brother, Morgan De’Fey. Morgana and Drall discussed three important things. One, that Morgan, her brother, leads a band of renegade assassins who hunt and destroy necromancers who go too far. Two, in exchange for reporting on a recent acquaintance of his, a Drow by the name of Dynff, she would provide him with access to her workshop and library. Three, his first order of business was to retrieve a a piece of the head stone from the grave of Piere De’May as well as a flask of bog water from the Fogdown Cemetery. Drall agreed on all three accounts and wandered north to the Day Harbor’s Inn to find his recent traveling partners.

Dynff received a message early in the morning at his room at the Day Harbors Inn from Enveris, his Shadowfather requesting presence at the Tithing Place. Dynff arrived as rain broke, and found Evenis, a lone figure in the storm, waiting for him by the fountain. He spoke briefly and to the point: Dynff and his partners were to meet with Jonny Undergallows at the Green Boar, just past sundown at the Green Boar. Dynff left quickly, stopping first at Faridoon’s tenement apartment, where he found him sitting on his bed finishing a bottle of rum, mumbling that he had a “bad night.” The two left, heading out into the pouring rain, and marked the alley outside of Vuutharak’s lair with the message: Meet at the Day Harbor’s Inn before sundown and then headed to the inn to wait. Hours later, Vuutharak arrived, and then surprisingly, shortly after, Drall. Dynff explained to Drall they were going to meet the leader of The Hangmen, Jonny Undergallows, and that he could come along, if he thought he could be of any use. Drall agreed and the four left for the Green Boar.

The Green Boar Tavern was alive and belligerent when the four arrived. Inside, jocular groups of Hangmen milled about trading stories and drinks. The four sat at a booth by the wall, while Dynff announced their arrival to the bartender. After intimidating a drunken Hangman who tried to harass the group, the bartender came to their table and told them Jonny was ready to see them. The four entered a back room, where Eveneris and Jonny sat around a table. He explained that he was pleased with the work they had done and inquired about any information they might have gathered. They related that they found a strange star ring on the senator, that had a symbol which was the same as a Sharite priestess they found in ruins under the Northern Crescent Downs. They also explained that adventurers and explorers were being contracted to explor the abandoned mines in the North owned by House Samreich. Jonny, requested that they find the northern mines and investigate what House Samreich was doing there. He told them he learned recently that adventures being called to the mines were staying at the Broken Mug.

Brawl at the Broken Mug

After their meeting with Jonny, the group departed immediately for the Broken Mug. They arrived several hours after sundown, just as the rain stopped and the fog began to roll in, passing two drunk sailors who were stumbling through the streets singing chanties to the moon. Inside, the Broken Mug, a dozen or more day-laborers, dock workers and sailors gathered for a rowdy evening. Darkatua immediately recognized Faridoon and was delighted to see him again, having not seen him for years now. She offered the group drinks and in reply to Faridoons questions, told them a group of explorers were in the back. The group immediately made their way into the back area, where a fiddler played on a table. Sitting alone a human, and elf and a goblin spoke loudly over drinks about their good luck in being selected to adventure into the northern mines. Faridoon, sat next to the goblin and began to pick a fight. Suddenly the bar was a flurry of punches and smashing mugs. The half-orc sailors at the front of bar who had been eying a bugbear day-laborer started to fight. The fiddler ducked under a table as a mug smashed over his head. Through Drall’s intervention, their fight was taken out back behind the tavern, but inside the brawl continued to wage on. With little difficultly, the group slew the explorers – first the goblin, then the human and elf – relieved them of their coin purses and their passes to the Northern mines, and dumped their bodies into the bay. Darkartua smiled a familiar smile as Faridoon apologized for the mess and ran out the front door.

The group quickly fled the scene, heading north to regroup and inspect the items they had taken from the explorers.



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