The City of Fogdown

Return to the Wreckage

Return to the Wreckage

30 Tarsakh – 3 Mirtul 1373

Under a mechanex streetlamp, just a few blocks north of the Broken Mug, Dynff, Drall, Faridoon, and Vuutharak paused for a moment to catch their breath and collect their thoughts. They had just relieved the explorers from the tavern a few moments ago of their coin purses, their pass to enter the Samreich mines, and their lives. As they rested in the brisk spring night, the bodies they had thrown into the bay drifted out to sea. The only problem was that there were four of them and three passes. They would head to Jacobson’s printing before the morning to make a duplicate. First they would make a quick stop at Faridoon’s tenement apartment to pick up a few supplies.

When they arrived they found Faridoon’s apartment in it’s typical disarray of discarded liquor bottles, half eaten food and dirty clothes. This struck Drall as strange, when he considered that he straighten up the room last time he was here, no more than a few hours ago. Once Faridoon noticed this too he was startled. He checked under his mattress for ring he had took from Senator Olis Samreich on the night they murdered him only to find it gone. It was clear someone had been there. Faridoon packed up his few things, leaving behind his spears, and left with the group to the Crescent Downs. They traveled threw the sewers, along the path Vuutharak was most familiar with, arriving at Jacobson’s printing several hours later.

At Jacobson’s printing the voice behind the one way mirror informed them several others had already been through his shop over the past month or so requesting the same pass, granting access to the Samreich mines in the north. They purchased one, and returned to the Upper Docks, arriving in the early morning. Dynff, Faridoon and Drall took a secure room at The Day Harbor Inn while Vuutharal returned to his lair in the sewers just east of the Skull and Four Bones.

In the morning the group meet up again in the tavern of the Day Harbor’s. Over breakfast they decided to go their separate ways to the Crescent Downs and meet up at a small cafe Vuutarak and Faridoon were familiar with. From there they would head to the Samreich warehouse the passes had indicated that should report to. Vuutharak and Dynff took to the sewers since they both lacked wall passes. The other two traveled through the gates above ground, the only trouble they had was a clumsy merchant running into Faridoon.

By afternoon the group was at the warehouse in the Northern Crescent Downs. It stood amongst the other abandoned or run down structures in the area – the only difference was a large cloth sign outside its steel door that read: Explorers Wanted! Inside a bugbear confronted the group as they walked in, but after inspecting their passes, escorted them through the warehouse down to the subbasement. While walking through the warehouse, the group noticed dozens of tubes, wires, gears, even an occasional object that looked like leg or arm, being worked on by a dozen humans and dwarves. In the subbasement, the bugbear guard left them in a small drafting rooming, where dozens of schematics, diagrams and blueprints lay scattered around. They snooped around in the time they had alone – discovering a large schematic labeled Acranodynamic Convergence Engine that had the words “Check scaling for clocktower – Estimated output 1,000,000 Eldritch Volts” written on the side. Just as they finished inspecting the schematic, the bugbear guard returned with a man in Azure robes – clearly a arcane caster, a human from House Samreich – Aaron Klinhelm, and a gnome with googles on his head and a tool belt. The man in the Azure robes and Aaron stopped for a moment peering at the group before continuing on. The gnome introduced himself as Jinx Witherstone.

The gnome explained that the purpose of the explorers was to scout and map out the mines, that had been abandoned for at least a century. He gave them all strange mechanex amulets that vibrated slightly on their skin and escorted them with the bugbear down a tunnel leading to the mines. Down the way, they joined up with another group of explorers. At the entrance to the mines Jinx departed the group, wishing them luck. The entrance to the mine was protected by an immense field of glowing energy that originated form too strange mechanex generators. Passing through the field left them warm for a moment. Just past the main entrance the tunnel opened into a large cavern that split into different wings of the mine complex, each with another gate. The group and the other explorers separated, both accompanied by a gang of hobogoblins and bugbears.

Several hundred feet past the entrance to their section of the mines, their amulets stopped vibrating. Shortly after that, they heard several screams from the way they came. The bugbear guard and his hobogoblin henchmen suddenly turned on the group! Once they were defeated the group attempted to pass the entrance again, only this time Faridoon was several burnt as he did so. It looked as if they were trapped for the time.

Vuutharak, Drall, Faridoon and Dynff, proceeded to explore the vast first level of the mines. During the exploration they came across a minator dressed in fine silk whom they avoided, as well as several monstrous creatures – crocodiles, over sized centipedes, dark mantles – living in the deep underground. After a days worth of wandering the mines, group bedded down in a section of the mine that turned into strange ruins. Inside, Drow markings indicated that the room was used as a waypoint. Other markings depicted enormous floating cities, like inverted mountain tops.

They continued on for another day, accidentally stumbling across a svirfnebiln (deep gnome) trading post. After a tense diplomatic encounter the group traded for a few items and after a few questions, were told to speak with the minator, whose name they were told was Boric the Grey, for assistance in escaping. They left the deep gnomes, and made camp in an abandoned tunnel.



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