Morgana De'Fey

Owner of the Waterynook


Morgana De’Fey is the owner of the Waterynook, a prominent warehouse in the Upper Docks. She is sometimes seen in the markets surrounding the docks, attending to business, or traveling to the Midmarket and Crescent Downs for supplies or for social events.

Morgana is a female human who appears to be in her late 40’s, but who has gone grey a bit too soon. While visibly older, she has still retained many features of her youth: sharp intelligent eyes, a trim figure and nearly flawless skin.


Rumors surrounding Morgana:

  • Morgana supposedly has two brothers, one who went mad and one who leads the assassin organization, Mon De’fey.
  • The vast majority of manual labor done at the Waterynook is performed by undead, animated by Morgana and her assistants.
  • Morgana was rumored to have been expelled from the Arcanexicanium, for ethical violations, some 20 years ago.

Player Notes

Morgana De'Fey

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