Etinne Blackmire

Owner of Gallery on Burrow's St.


Etinne (pronounced: A-tee-n) is an extremely beautiful man in his early 30’s. His hair is long and black, his face is angular and pale, his body is thin but sturdy, and his long slender fingers gently gesture as he speaks. He wears fine, contemporary clothing, often with high collars, and is always seen wearing two rings, one on each hand. He is often well collected, but quick to frustrate.

Etinne is the owner of the The Gallery on Burrows St


Rumors around Etinne

  • Many find it strange Etinne is very very rarely ever seen before sundown, except for major social events and usually at most, only several hours before sundown.
  • The Master’s Hand, an eccentric thieves guild in the south, make often use of The Gallery on Burrow’s St.
  • Etinne is said to offer contracts to “fetch” art pieces for him.

Etinne Blackmire

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