Rondel Riverstone

Jewler located in the Crescent Downs, Patron of Mask


Rondell Riverstone is a Rock Gnome standing roughly, 3’ 3”. He has dark grey eyes, which shine like polished stone through a pair of gold spectacles he is never seen without. A thin goatee runs along his jaw, and his curly hair, is close cropped, or sometimes shaved. He wears fancy clothes of all colors, and a a brown leather apron that sparkles with the shavings of gems, as he walks.

Owner of the Waterstar

Rumors surrounding Rondell:
  • Rondell supposedly grew up around the western part of the Upper Docks. He often returns there to visit his family.
  • Rondell’s shop, the Waterstar, is renowned for it’s displays of cut gems and jewelry items, most famously: a small intact De’Ryen’s Eye.
  • Once a month, Rondell closes his shop for 3-days and disappears. No one knows were he goes.

Rondel Riverstone

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