Gill "20 Eyes"

A sly human informant and regular of the Skull and 4 Bones


Gill is a 30-odd human with olive skin, wavy brown hair down almost to his shoulders, and calm, serious green-brown eyes. Anyone who sees Gill is often given the impression he lives with one foot in the streets, one foot in the nearest tavern, though few have even seen him actually drink. He is often quite tense, but not nervous.

The most interesting thing about Gill is his cloak: a random collection of worn patches of leather, sewn together, from which eyes occasional appear. Quite obviously, his cloak is what has given Gill “20 eyes” his nickname.


Rumors surrounding Gill:

  • Gill was exclusively a Hangmen informant, until recently, when he was caught up double dealing his knowledge.
  • Since last year, Gill was said to be in regular contact with Morgana De’Fey, working for her, in exchange for protection.
  • He supposedly stole his cloak from a Waterdeep wizard whom he challenged to a drinking contest and drugged. As revenge, the wizard cursed Gill that he may never take off the cloak or be struck dead.

Player Notes

Gill "20 Eyes"

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