Jane "Split Tongue"

A strange regular of the Day Harbors Inn with a split tongue.


Jane is human female in her late 20’s. She will often sit and watch individuals for a time before speaking to them. She wears loose fitting, dull colored clothing, which blend well with her long brown hair. If she is armed, she typically is seen with a dagger. While very much a beauty of her age, horrible scars like scratch marks, mar her left side of her face. Her eyes, are a strange yellow as well, as if with jaundice, and her tongue appears to have been cut down the center. This forces Jane to speak with a pronounced lisp which causes her to draw out her ’s’s in a snake like fashion.

Jane is typically found at the Day Harbor Inn, enjoying dark ale and watching strangers.


Rumors surrounding Jane:

  • Jane is said to be working for the Hangmen now almost exclusively, if not reluctantly
  • Before becoming an informant, Jane worked as a hardcurrency girl, until a client mutilated her face and tongue.

Player Notes

Jane "Split Tongue"

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