Beltha'zar Tha'zi

Tattoo artist and owner of the Black Ink.


Beltha’zar Tha’zi is a 6’3, thin, erratic, half-fiend with long, greying hair. His eyes are white and two long twisting horns protrude from his forehead. His complexion is somewhat golden, like tarnished brass. His build is thin and slender and moves with a sharp grace. Running down his arms are intricate black tattoos of swirling cryptic design. His nails are long, black and sharp.


Rumors surrounding Beltha’zar:

  • Beltha’zar is said to practice his tattooing techniques on tanned skin. From whom or what the skin comes from, or where he purchases the material from, is unknown.
  • No one is sure just how long Beltha’zar has been on the island, but some suggest since before the Second Republic.
  • Beltha’zar is the bastard son of Asb’el

Beltha'zar Tha'zi

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