Campaign Timeline

Campaign Timeline

Pre History

  • -3011 DR - The first floating city of Netheril was raised, called Ioulaum’s Enclave
  • c -2207 DR to -1205 DR – Golden Age - Alsium is cut from a peak of the Lode Mountains. It immediately is praised for its jewelers and fine crafters, with access to the gems in the cities heart. The massive influx of raw materials from the Mines of Decanter (while slowly drying up) creates massive wealth. Alsium uses the enclave as base of power, fueling his research and plans against other Archwizards with the tithes of the city.
  • c -1205 DR to -696 DR – Age of Discovery - With the discovery of chardalyn Alsium becomes an incredible producer of magical and quasi-magical items. When Doubloom is raised, Alsium looses some of it’s less prominent crafters to Doublooms speculation. To compensate, Alsium begins to roam the Empire of Netheril seeking out ancient artifacts of the elves and dwarves to learn from, reproduce and sell. By -765 DR Alsium becomes obsessed with finding an ancient dwarven artifact dubbed Alsium’s Curse
  • c -696 DR to -339 DR – Age of Shadow - As the Phaerimm begin casting their drain magic spells, Alsium is forced to move even further westward. Alsium is marked as a curse on the elven and dwarven people as the Archwizard “liberates” ancient magical items from the older races. Alsium, convinced that Alsium’s Curse can deliver the Netherese from the Phaerimm, beings an orbit that extends from the Center Sea and to the entirety of Western Coast.
  • -329 DR – The Fall - Magic is destroyed for a brief moment by Karsus’ Folly. In the destruction, a shard of Mystra’s body collides with Aslium’s Enclave as it falls to the surface, smashing it into the Sea of Swords along the Sword Coast.
  • c -329 DR to 841 DR - The island that was Aslium’s Enclave forms a small island and falls dormant.

Pre Sundering

  • 841 DR – Merchants settle an outpost on the island as a way point along the Sword Coast
  • 1046 DR – The beginning of the First Republic
  • 1202 DR – the beginning of the Second Republic
  • 1329 DR – The beginning of the Third Republic

The Year of the Unstrung Harp (1371 DR)

  • Alturiak 28 - Waterdeep is invaded by a host of sahuagin, streaming forth from the Sea of Swords.
  • Eleint 10 - Houses Venolay and Ashenfey form a bloc in the City Senate, putting forth the Dock Act Bill, a proposal which would effectively dissolve the Dockguilds monopoly on trading in the Upper Docks.
  • Eleint 13 – Moving to protect their interests, the Dock Guild forges an agreement with the Hangmen to kill the leading senators of the Dock Act Bill.
  • Eleint 20 – Seeing an opportunity to gain territory, the Nightsend seal an alliance with the Church of Shar to “save” the leading Senators of the Dock Act Bill, ensuring it will be passed thus weakening the Dock Guild and the Hangmen.
  • Uktar 1 - Senator Row Ashenfey, traveling under the pseudonym Owen Silverleaf, is killed by unknown assassins while sailing out of Waterdeep to Fogdown on the Silent Rose. A fire sinks the boat off the coast of Fogdown, few survive.
  • Uktar 9 – Jonny Undergallows begins framing the Marked Four after learning that the they survived the shipwreck.
  • Uktar 10 - Senator Kay Lamrin of House Venolay is murdered while under protection in the Corner House Apartments. Blame is placed on the Marked Four.
  • Uktar 14 - Rogarth De’May, of House De’May commissions Trell Underseige to begin the forging of a phylactery.
  • Uktar 16 - Senator Klin Ashenfey is abducted from a ship moored in the Upper Docks.
  • Uktar 17 – In a daring raid, Plague by Night kidnaps Senator Klin Ashenfey from a Sharite stronghold in the Midmarket District.
  • Uktar 18 - Senator Klin Ashenfey’s body is found several days later, headless, at the Torch Spring Bathhouse along with the bodies of several wererats from the Plague by Night and Hangmen gang members.
  • Uktar 18 – Jonny Undergallows is resurrected by the Dock Guild. The favor places the Hangmen heavily in the debt of the Dock Guild.
  • Nightal 10 - The Dock Act Bill fails in the City Senate, due to a lack of deciding votes from House Ashenfey and House Venolay.

The Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR)

  • Hammer 30 - The god Bane returns to Faerûn
  • Ches 20 - Trell Underseige is killed, the completed phylactery for House De’May is missing.
  • Ches 29 - The body of John Torn, owner of the Glass Rose and collaborator on House De’May’s phylactery, is found dead in his basement along with the body of a Shar cultist. The City Watch concludes Trell and John’s death to be the work of a Sharite cult.
  • Ches 20 – Morgana De’Fey is given the phylactery. Johntress De’May fails to leverage Rogarth De’May for house leadership. Etinee Blackmire continues to seek compensation for losses.
  • Eleasis 28 – Lolth falls silent. The War of the Spider Queen sees rebellions and uprisings throughout the Underdark as various oppressed factions take the opportunity to rise up against the now-powerless Lolthite matriarchy. Several cities, including Maerimydra and Ched Nasad are destroyed. Eryndlyn falls to worshippers of Ghaunadaur and Vhaeraun. Even where the Lolthite matriarchy maintains control, they are weakened by merchant powers and male leagues.
  • Kythorn 20 - House Ashenfey musters a slim victory against House De’May in the City Senate, granting them a small majority.
  • Marpenoth 16 - Din’zry Blackstar leads the Twilight Fleet out of The Nelanther Isles in an attack on Lantan, seizing Sandrah, the northern most city on the island, for several weeks.
  • Marpenoth 26 - Fogdown’s City Senate sends a small, but effective fleet to assist forces from Waterdeep and Amn in recapturing Lantan. They are successful and Latan is liberated within a 10-day of their arrival.

The Year of the Rogue Dragons (1373 DR)

  • Hammer 1 - Members from House Ashenfey and House Samreich lead the formation of The Mechanex Faction in the Senate.
  • Hammer 18 - The Mechanex Advancement and Improvement Bill is passed in the City Senate, spear-headed by The Mechanex Faction against an opposition lead by House Mai and House De’May.
  • Ches 19 - Construction of the clocktower in the Crescent Downs begins with a groundbreaking ceremony at the Spring Equinox.
  • Tarsakh 26 - Senator Olis Samreich is killed at Aldonmir’s Manor, during the Green Grass Festival. The group discovers the Senator may have had some connection to the Drow house Dy’Durith.
  • Tarsakh 28 – Dynff, Faridoon, Vuutharak and Drall repay Vuutharak’s debt to Pox of the Withering Leaf and in the process discover a Sharite Priestess guarding an abandon mine in the Northern Crescent Downs.
  • Tarsakh 30 – On the request of the Hangmen, the party procures invitations from House Samreich to enter the mines in the Northern Crescent Down, to discover the truth behind Samreich’s operations there.
  • Mirtul 15 – Dynff, Faridoon, Vuhtharak and Drall are captured by Drow slavers and tortured for several days.
  • Mirtul 20 – The four meet with Jonny Undergallows and inform him about what is happening between the Cult of the Lady’s Hand and the Mechanex Faction. Jonny instructs them to investigate the site of the core excavation.
  • Mirtul 26 - As the clocktower begins to activity, a massive explosion takes place at the top of tower, overloading the machines and causing a rift in the weave, the source of all magic. In an attempt to save magic, Mystra the god of magic plane shifts Fogdown from Faerun to world of Golarion. This event is named: The Sundering.

Post Sundering

Campaign Timeline

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