City Defense

City Defenses

The defense of the city is divided between the City Watch and the City Guard. Since the Fourth Republic, both groups are lead by the Grey Knights, Fogdown’s oldest organized defense. The rank-and-file of both organizations are predominantly clockwork sentries.

  • City Watch – Effectively the police of the island. Responsible for everyday patrols of the streets and waterways. Most mid-ranking watchmen, despite being members of the Grey Knights, tend to be not well equipped or disciplined as members of the City Guard. The ranks of the city watch (in order from lowest to highest) is: Gearguard, Blade, Sword, Sword Captain, Commander, Watchlord, Captain of the Watch (only one), Lord and Protector of Fogdown (only one).
  • City Guard – Sentries at their posts along the walls and coasts. Fogdown’s elite trained guard-militia that stands ever ready along the walls surrounding and protecting the city. Guards are only called upon when a threat reaches a level that could jeopardize the safety or well-being of the entire city.

Ranks (from left to right): Blade, Sword Captain, Watchlord, Commander, Sword, (separate) Gearguard

The Grey Knights

The Grey Knights have a long history, beginning with the founding of the city itself. When the island was first settled by, what would become the first houses, protection was needed as lawlessness grew with the growing treasures extracted from below the island. These mercenaries, recruited from bands of adventures, explorers and worse, became over time a permanent fixture. By the founding of the first republic, the Grey Knights, named after their cheap and often tarnished plate armor, were granted rights of aristocracy and legacy. From then on, children of Grey Knights may be granted the same rights as their ancestors, as long as the connection can be proven. At various times in history, the Grey Knights have allowed new members into their ranks, all with the same rights and privileges.

Today, the Grey Knights have reclaimed their place as the head of the City Watch and Guard. Most the rank-and-file of the City Guard and Watch now have been replaced by machines, created since the Sundering to protect the peace.

The Grey Knights are lead by the Grey Lords, a private group of the highest ranking officers in the Grey Knights, all tracing their ancestry to the founding members of the Grey Knights. Three of the Grey Lords are appointed by the City Senate to serve as the Captain of the Watch, Captain of the Guard, and the Lord and Protector of Fogdown, which is the highest rank achievable.

City Defense

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