Dr. Von Albus’ Incredible Boots of Striding

  • Mechanex Trigger: Gear at heel (activate)

These strange Mechanex boots are made of finely tailored brown leather, with subtle pneumatic rods running along the ankle and attaching to the sole. A gear-like dial is at the base of the ankle on top of a metal plate inscribed with arcane ruins. When activated the ruins glow a faint orange.

Effect: Once activated (Swift Action – Trigger), the wearer gains +10ft to thier land speed and +5 to all acrobatics checks until deactivated as the boots aid the natural movement of the wearer.

Components: Boots, 1 Rune Plate (Jump), Light Accumulator (De’Ryan’s Eye) (Max 20)

Power: 1 Charge per round

Faint Transmutation


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