Fogdowns Cemetery

Fogdown’s Cemetery

Along the western boarder of the island, just south of Lodestone Peaks, is the flooded cemetery of Fogdown. It has been owned and operated by House De’May for more than several generations now. The crematorium is the latest edition to the cemetery, and billows black smoke and ash, covering the nearby area in a thin layer of chalk like soot.


The land that Fogdown’s cemetery is built on once was once a shallow reef area between the northern and southern pieces of the island. It wasn’t until thousand of tons of earth were dug from underground, excavating the ruins below that the area was filled in and named: the Crescent Downs.

It was during this time, a small family of wealthy morticians came to the island, attracted by the rumors of riches underground, but seeing their trade in dire need. The De’May family made their stake. They purchased a fairly large, but unwanted, plot of land close to the shore and went about constructing a small dock. For a fee, they began ferrying the dead, with all appropriate cultural rites, out into the sea to be buried. For a select few of the wealthy rising houses, merchants and adventures, they offered a land burial.

Shortly before the beginning of the First Republic, a terrible hurricane struck the island. Several buildings were destroyed, fleets of ships were lost and never heard from and the cemetery docks of House De’May were destroyed, and the graveyard flooded. Stories suggest that the hurricane was summoned by clerics of Umberlee, as punishment against the house, for arrogantly disposing of the dead without tribute to the bitch-queen of the sea. In the aftermath, rumors began to spread that the dead had walked the graveyards, clawing their way out of their washed out tombs, while others had spoke of grave robbers and cannibals feeding on the unearthed bodies.

In order to maintain some control over the demands for burials and to put down rumors of the walking dead and grave robbers, House De’May quickly ordered the construction of a wall around the land and a crematorium. Once finished, the rumors subsided and the dead were to be incinerated, rather than sent to the sea.

Today, few burials are done in the flooded cemetery although several noble houses and merchant families still maintain mausoleums for burials. Even fewer still are burials at sea which are done very discretely. Ferrymen can be found frequently amongst the waters of the graveyard though, ferrying passengers to graves for a small fee. Of the land that still exists in the cemetery, it is often walked methodically by clerics and students of the Final Requiem. For the majority of Fogdown’s dead, burial is at the crematorium.

Fogdowns Cemetery

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