Loth’s Bane

+1 mechanex short sword of accuracy

  • Arcane Word: X’rind (active accuracy)
  • Mechanex Trigger: Switch at hilt (deploy injector)

This mechanex short sword is an exceptional piece of Drow arcane forging and enchantment, fused with the most modern clockwork engineering. The blade is perfectly balanced and when swung feels to correct it’s path. Subtle ruins written around the small hilt in scrawling arcane drow ruins say: “Iloth’lin X’rind” An even more subtle mechanism is also built into the blade: Wrenching the hilt whines a spring loaded mechanism. When the blade strikes, a sharp tube deploys out of the blade and injects the target. Reloading the spring and filling new injection fluid takes 2 standard actions. When the effects of the blade are active, the hilt turns slowly and the runes glow a very faint blue. The pummel is a short cylinder with a strange emblem, almost like a noble House symbol common on Fogdown.

Effect: Once activated (Standard Action – Trigger), if the wielder misses an attack with the blade, the blade grants a +2 circumstance bonus to the wielder’s next attack as well a constant base +1 attack and damage bonus. Also, upon a successful hit a wielder may trigger the Injection Mechanism (Swift Action).

Components: Injector Mechanism, 2 Rune Plates (+1, Accuracy), Light Accumulator (De’Ryan’s Eye) (Max 30)

Power: 3 Charges per round; current source: 20 charges.

Faint Divination


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