Jacobsons Printing

Jacobson’s Printing

Jacobson’s Printing is a well established printing company that specializes in exotic papers, inks and more recently typesetting equipment. The four story building that houses the printing shop is located in the southern portion of Midmarket. The shop is owned and operated by Clyde Jacobson and his wife Agatha, along with their assistant Gavin Ray who is often seen at the Upper Docks, coordinating shipments of inks and paper arriving to the island destined for the print shop.

Jacobson’s also offers for sale a wide, but modest, collection of books which all vary by price depending on subject.

Besides offering comprehensive printng services, the Jacobson’s also offer a duplication service after hours. Acquiring their illegal services is a simple as knowing where the secret teleportation circle in the alleys behind the shop. Any request for illegal duplication services during the day are quickly countered with a call for the nearest City Guard patrol.

Printing Materials

Paper Type (50 Sheets)
  • Crude
  • Normal
  • Exotic
  • Special (upon request)

  • Owl Feather
  • Pigeon Feather
  • Raven Feather
  • Crow Feather
  • Cockatrice
  • Special (upon request)

  • Disappearing
  • Phantom (Firelight, Moonlight, Starlight, Magical light)
  • Standard
  • Colored
  • Special (upon request)

Jacobsons Printing

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