Jinaek ‘Jinx’ Nok’Aedris

Jinaek Nok’Aedris – Jinx

Jinx stands an average 5’6” tall with a lean but well built frame at 185 pounds. He’s widest at his shoulders and his body slims down from there; his skin is a solid Grey-green tone and thick crags of scars can be found along his skin. Along either arm can be found a series of tattoos, blackened spheres running down the length of his arms and a similar necklace of thick round black beads hangs around his neck,

His face looks as though it has seen its fair share of fights and his hair is thin and dry, pulled back into an unkempt tail high up on the back of his head. His clothes are tailored but quite ordinary. Loose fitting slacks leave his legs free for movement and when he can be found wearing a shirt it cuts off at the sleeves and hangs low off the neck, torn at both seams, as though Jinx could no longer tolerate the suffocation.


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