Noble Houses of Fogdown

Noble Houses of Fogdown

More than just a title every rich merchant and aristocrat strives for, the Houses serve important roles within the city, chief amongst them is the city’s political leadership and management. In addition to being allowed to sit on the ruling body of Fogdown, The City Senate and its many committees, the Great Houses are awarded various benefits and advantages above even those of normal or minor noble houses.

The leader of a Great House may gain the protection of a squad of Citywatchmen when they travel within the city; they may have assigned to themselves a Sword Captain of the Grey Knights or in special cases a Nimblewright; and they may demand an audience before the Senate and propose legislation up to once per month.

Great Houses

  • Reslin – Gear-traders and factory owners
  • De’May – Own and operate the cemeteries and crematoriums
  • Venolay – Merchant Fleet owners
  • Mai – Founders of the Arcanexicanium

Minor Houses

  • Wythe – Gun inventors and blastpowder merchants
  • Samreich – Original owners of the mining operations on island, now land owners
  • Ashenfey – Shipbuilders and Owners of the Lower Docks
  • Ambros – Eccentric art dealers and owners of Ambros Auction House
  • Taynir – A small Halfing house specializing in cattle and grain trades

Destroyed Houses

  • Kalnar – Fallen house from the Second Republic, notorious for its rumored decadence, corruption and cruelty

Noble Houses of Fogdown

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