The City of Fogdown is an ongoing homebrew campaign which combines some Forgotten Realms (from it’s old 3E days), with the mechanics of Pathfinder RPG and campaign setting. Nearly all of the characters, personalties and politics on the island are of my own creation over the past several years. Some locations are taken from books listed under “Referenced”.

Books Allowed

  • Pathfinder RPG (BETA) –
  • Pathfinder Chronicles – Campaign Setting
  • Pathfinder Chronicles – Gods & Magic
  • Pathfinder Chronicles – Gazetteer
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e – Player’s Handbook I
  • Liber Mortis


  • Freeport: City of Adventure
  • Iron Kingdoms Campaign Setting
  • Iron Kingdoms: Five Fingers – Port of Deceit
  • Thieves’ World Campaign Setting
  • Thieves’ Quarter: A City Quarters Sourcebook
  • Waterdeep: City of Splendor

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