The Black Ink

The Black Ink

Owner: Baltha’zar Tha’zi

The Black Ink, is located in the Crescent Downs, amongst the more impoverished and questionable areas, just north of the Mid Market. From the street, a large black wooden sign hangs at the entrance to an alleyway, marking the path to the Black Ink. Just down the alley, is a dented black metal door, with a matching sign plastered above it. Through the door and down a long flight of stairs, patrons enter a strange but comfortable waiting area, with large, plush sofas and chairs for sitting, a hooka for smoking, and soft continual flames burn red close near the ceiling. Numerous framed hides hang on the walls with intricate marking on them – some of Beltha’zar’s favorite pieces. Beltha’zar, from this establishment, is known to deal in three things: tattoos, drugs and the occasional arcane spell.


Beltha’zar’s specialty is as a tattoo artist. For a price he is more then willing to apply his arcane and artistic ways to create both mundane and magical tattoos, which he uses his claw-like nails to make.

All tattoo’s take roughly 1-4hrs to create. Character’s undergoing the operation must make a Fortitude Save DC10 or temporarily suffer -1 Constitution for 24hrs.

Type Price
Mundane Tattoo: A normal tattoo in black ink. 10-50 gp
Magic Tattoo: +2 Resistance bonus to Reflex, Fortitude or Will Saves; +1 Luck bonus to Attack Rolls; or +1 deflection bonus to AC. (Lasts 5 day) 50 gp
Spell-Imbued Tattoo: Activation as a standard action. No spell completion or Use Magic Device needed. (Lasts until used) Spell Level x 250 gp


As an aside, Beltha’zar is known to buy and sell various low addiction drugs, mostly for his own use, selling off what he doesn’t use or want, often marked up.

Arcane Spells

While he prefers to imbue other’s with magical tattoos, he understands when a service is needed in a rush. For anywhere from 50gp to 300gp, Beltha’zar will cast any requested spell he knows on a target of a costumer’s choice.

The Black Ink

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