The Broken Mug

The Broken Mug

This run-down inn is actually perched on an abandoned pier in the Upper Docks. The pier itself has seen better days, and all but the most desperate captains generally refuse to dock there. There’s just no place to load or unload things, since the inn takes up most of the space.

The Broken Mug gets its name from the long-standing tradition in the place of brawlers using broken mugs as weapons (1d4 damage) Darkartua has taken to selling the mugs with the drinks so as to recoup her costs from the nightly conflicts. If anyone really annoys her, however, whether by hurting her or any of her staff, she has a rather unique punishment for them: dunking. The offender’s hands are bound with the help of all those present and then placed at the end of the platform to the south side of the tavern. The offenders are kicked off who then plunge into the murky deep below, to sink or swim. Dangerous as it sounds, there’s only been a handful of deaths from this tradition in the past 15 years.

There are rooms to rent on the second floor of the Broken Mug. These are cheap rooms, but most have a wonderful view of the harbor. However, once the workday begins in the predawn hours, the noise can be awful.

Bartender: Dakartua Rohelm

Clientele: Predominately dockworkers and sailors; travelers just arriving to the island

  • Poor (Noisy room with a wide view of the docks, 1-2 cots, a dresser and unlocking chest of drawers)

  • Breakfast: Duck eggs, oatmeal, bread
  • Lunch: Conch stew, catfish, fish goulash
  • Supper: Stuffed trout, spinach, shark shank, oatmeal
  • Snack: bread

The Broken Mug

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