The City Senate

The City Senate

Senate Political Groupings

Important Recent Laws and Bills

The Dock Act: (Failed – Nightal 10, 1371 DR) Introduced earlier that year, the Dock Act was an organized attack by House Ashenfey and House Venolay on the monopoly of ownership the Dockguild had and has on the Upper Docks.

The Mechanex Advancement and Improvement Bill: (Passed – Hammer 18, 1373 DR) Orchestrated by House Samreich and House Ashenfey the bill began the introduction of strange clockwork machines on the island from the Gnome islands of Lantan. Besides the replacement of oil streetlamps with mechanex ones, it also order the building of Fogdown’s Clocktower.

The Inner Sea Accords: (Passed – Neth, 11 4704 AR) Following the first contact and the tension of the kingdoms’ of the Inner Sea after the discovery of Fogdown, these accords granted Fogdown independence as a City-State with territories. In return, the kingdoms of the Inner Sea were granted embassies on the island.

Organizations within the City Government

As is to be expected, Fogdown has a fairly massive governmental bureaucracy – a half-way house between the rising merchant class and the noble houses. Navigating those legal waters can be tricky business.

  • Department of Arcane Investigation and Prevention on Fogdown
  • Office of Domestic and Magical Immigration
  • Office of Weapon Regulations
  • Office of Internal Affairs
  • Office of Portal Management
  • Office of the City Notary and Attorney General

Consulates and Embassies

Cheliax (LE), Andoran (NG), Taldor (N), Osirion (LN), Katapesh (N), Absallom (N), Qadira (N)

The City Senate

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