the crows roost

The Crow’s Roost

Bartender: Nevix Smith (Half-drow, male, commoner 4)

Clientele: Predominately humaniods (orc, half-orc, drow, half-drow, occasional bugbear and lizardfolk) and the rift-raft of the area. Most patrons stay to themselves or speak softly amongst groups. Bards who perform at the Crow’s Roost, play exclusively on a broken down, out of tune piano in the corner.

  • Poor (a small room with a window, small bug infested bed, extra cot on request) 1 gp/day
  • Secure (a drafty small room with a window, a cot and a night stand) 5 gp/day

  • Breakfast: Octopus, Curds, Goose eggs, Blackberries, Oatmeal (cost 1sp).
  • Lunch: Sausage, Dragon turtle omelet, Spinach, Raspberries (cost 2sp).
  • Supper: Frog legs, Yams, Chick peas, Nut bread, Plum pudding (cost 2sp).
  • Snack: Goose eggs, Melon, Millet (cost 1sp).

the crows roost

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