The Library

The Library

The Library is a small, sub-street level tavern off of Crucible Street. Outside, a rusted metal sign depicting a pile of books illuminated by an eerie magical green light marks the entrance. Down a few stairs, the tavern opens up to a cramp room with a half dozen small tables. The dim light in the drinking hole comes from small green and blue magical lights that float near the ceiling. Unseen servants maintain the bar – cleaning the floors, serving the drinks and collecting empty mugs.

Rumor has it, the tavern was once the home of a mad wizard by the name of Keldis Blackstaff who lived on the island. When he died in one of his own experiments, his house came to life serving drinks to any who had the coin. It’s said that Keldis’ ghost sill unexpectedly appear on quiet nights.

Bartender: Unseen

Clientele: Predominately students of The Arcanexicanium, members of the Crucible Street Sorcerers, and various sorcerers and wizards.

  • None

  • Breakfast: Eggs Benedict
  • Lunch: Cod and Chips
  • Supper: Steak and Eggs
  • Snack: Fresh Fruit

The Library

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