The Torn Sail

The Torn Sail

The Torn Sail was once a warehouse that was partially destroyed when a ship ran ashore. The previous owner sold it surprisingly to Howell Jackman, an ex-pirate, now landlocked due to his faith. Jackman appreciated the symbolism of the crashed ship, half-embedded in the warehouse and decided to open a tavern to at least do one of the two things he was good at: pirating and drinking.

Jackman converted the ship’s deck into a stage, and the upper floors into a living space for him, the tavern help, and a small room for drunks to sleep off binges. There are also two rooms in the front for rent on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

The food is always a seafood meal, always fresh and often over cooked. Most people who patronize the Torn Sail are sailors, people used to living on the substandard gruel commonly prepared by the underpaid cooks that live on ships.

Bartender: Captain Howell Jackman

Clientele: Predominately sailors, privateers, and ex-pirates

  • Poor (Noisy room connected to tavern, 1-2 cots, storage barrels, poor lock)

  • Breakfast: None
  • Lunch: Baked salmon, kippers and goat cheese
  • Supper: Shark stake, potatoes and beans
  • Snack: Cod Chips

The Torn Sail

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