The Undercity

The Undercity

Beneath the lawful merchantile surface of Fogdown’s everyday happening, is a complex network of criminal organizations, locked in a constant shadow war for land, wealth and power. Many carve out their own niche through dealings with the Houses, bribery, allegiances with dark cults, allegiances with larger organizations… and worse.

Prominent Organizations

  • The Hangmen – Prominent in the Upper Docks and Crescent Downs
  • The Nightsend – Found in the Upper Docks, Crescent Downs and Midmarket
  • The Thousand Hands – Beggers and swindlers
  • Windsong – Bardic rouges found commonly in taverns around the city

Notable Organizations

  • The Master’s Hand – Eccentric cat burglars drawn to expensive art and relics
  • Thieves of the Lastdance – Dancers, fools and cunning thieves
  • Plague by Night – Sewer crawlers, plague carries and Wererats
  • Mon DeFey – Elite assassins, specializing in the destruction of liches, powerful undead and tempted necromancers

Neighborhood and Street Gangs

Former and Destroyed Organizations

The Undercity

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