Xobols Taxidermy

Xobol’s Taxidermy

Located east of the Midmarket, Xobol’s Taxidermy takes its name from the large, moldy stuffed beholder outside of the shop. Urcek, the owner, claims the stuff head to be his own handy work – Xobol being his greatest foe back in the days of his youthful adventuring. Of course, few believe the often drunk half-orc.

Inside, the shop is decorated with dozens of stuffed animals and creatures from around world – snakes, bears, displacer beasts, cats, dogs, to name a few. Urcek is often found at the counter (or under it) with a bottle of ale.


Xobol’s Taxidermy offers only one simple but uncommon service – preservation of the dead. For keeping around beloved pets beyond their death to preserving that special trophy from last summer’s hunt, Xobol’s taxidermy offers it’s services at a comprehensive and reasonable rate.

Xobols Taxidermy

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