Fogdown Herald

The Fogdown Herald

Is a daily publication on the island, reporting on all the latest news and gossip of the city-state. It finds particular joy in writing exposes on Senators, speculating on their personal lives and relations. Of recent, it has also begun a column on the less popular activity of foreign emissaries.

  • The paper can be found at nearly every corner of the city, often sold at small cafes, local taverns, general goods stores or by paperboys.
  • The paper is 2 silver pieces.
  • Allows players to take a 10, or grants a +4 circumstance bonus, on Gather Information. This is only granted once daily.

Recent Headlines

  • “Entire ship found dead at hands of monstrous cargo!”
  • “Clocktower Explodes! Goddess sited! Panic sweeps the city!”
  • “Prominent Member of De’May Assassinated, Rumors of Necromancy”
  • “Crescent Down Clocktower—Nearly Complete!”
  • “Detectives Hot on Murder’s Trail!”
  • “Senator Murdered at Green Grass Festival!”

Fogdown Herald

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