Gallery on Burrows

Gallery on Burrow’s Street

The gallery, sometimes referred to as The Setting Sun Gallery, is owned and operated by Etinne Blackmire, who commissioned the building 15 years ago. The gallery houses the very best of artists around the world. It also specializes in procuring notable art objects, primarily for the wealthy merchants and the noble houses on the island.

Buying and Selling Art

Etinne mainly purchases from merchants and nobles, as well as the more lucrative items acquired by the many thieves guilds in the city. For a commission fee, Etinne is often willing to sell items on behalf of owners – be them nobles or thieves.

Hours of Business

It is 3sp to enter the gallery, which is paid on an honor system, a box is just past the entrance.

The gallery is open 24-hours a day, except on festivals, parties and gathering, and the 10th day.

Gallery on Burrows

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