Gate Activity Timetables

Gates and Districts

There are 6 districts in the City of Fogdown: The Upper Docks, Crescent Downs, Double District, Lower Docks, Alley of Houses, and the Last Reach. Towering 40 foot walls were constructed to divide the districts during the founding of the Third Republic. Since the founding of the Fourth Republic, these walls have largely fallen into ruin. Despite the many holes now created in the walls between the districts, the City Watch and Guard still use them as a strategic point in monitoring the population and weeding out any suspicious individuals.

Walking across a district takes roughly two hours, given average traffic, and no unnecessary congestion at the gates.

While passing through gates, citizens maybe subject to random search by the City Watch. Passes are still officially required to be in a district after Sundown.

Time of Day Type of gate activity to be expected
Sunrise (5AM Summer/7AM Winter) to 8AM Increasing traffic to market areas
8AM to 10AM Open Gates – The busiest time of traffic
10AM to 1PM Open Gates – Traffic largely diminished, equal both ways
1PM to 5PM Open Gates – Increasing traffic to residential areas
5PM to Sundown (7PM summer/9PM Winter) Slowly decreasing movement
Sundown (8PM Summer/6PM Winter Gates Closed – All travelers moving through the districts are often stopped and questioned

Gate Activity Timetables

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