Modified Critical Table

General Changes to Critical Hit/Miss

  • 20 is always a Critical Hit, 1 is always a Critical Miss.
  • Critical Hits and Critical Misses must be activated with Fate Points.
  • A player may only activate their own Critical Hits.
  • A player may activate any other players’ or the DM’s Critical Misses, and the DM may active a player’s critical miss.
  • In all cases, activations maybe opposed by spending Fate Points in the opposite manner. (e.g. Player activates a critical hit, the DM may oppose it with a Fate Points.) In case of ties, the activation does not happen.
  • All Critical damage is applied directly to wounds. When referencing the chart below all multipliers count as ”+”.
  • For weapons with extended Critical Threat Ranges, they also have extended Critical Miss Ranges. For example a rapier has a 18-20 Critical Threat Range. Now it also has a 1-3 Critical Miss Range.
  • It is up to the DM to decided the extent and what kind of penalty applies to Critical Misses.

Modified Critical Table


(Scimitar, Bastard Sword, Broad Sword, Long Sword, Great Sword, Axes)

d100 Result
01-09 Hit vulnerable area, damage X2
10-12 Strike vital area, damage X3
13-20 Item struck, 1d4 items, 1/2 damage
21-22 Slit throat; 20+1d10 damage plus 1d8 for next 5 rounds until binding
23-55 Limb damaged: see limb damage chart
56-60 Hit face; scar, -1 charisma
61-63 Scalped, damage X2, -3 charisma, no hair will grow
64-65 Removed nose, -10 to charisma
66 Removed left ear, -2 listen, -2 charisma
67 Removed right ear, -2 listen, -2 charisma
68-70 Blind in one eye, 1/2 damage, -2 to hit, -4 with missiles
71-72 Blind in both eyes, 1/2 damage, -6 to hit, -10 with missiles
73-77 Gut wound, 1/2 damage, takes 2 rounds to bind, see STOMACH WOUNDS
78-79 Sever spinal cord, Fortitude save DC18 or legs paralyzed. +10 damage
80-88 Organ struck, see ORGAN chart
89-95 Disarmed weapon. No damage unless monster (claws or teeth removed)
96-98 Limb, major tendon severed, roll on LIMB chart
99 Limb, major nerve severed, no sense of touch, roll on LIMB chart
100 Decapitated, instant death


(Short Sword, Dagger, Knife)

d100 Result
01-09 Hit vulnerable area, damage X2
10-12 Strike vital area, damage X3
13-15 Puncture throat, damage +10, 1d8 for 4 rounds or until bound, cannot speak
16-30 Limb struck: use LIMB chart, roll 1d4 for EXTENT
31-36 Blind in 1 eye, +50% damage, see SLASHING for results
37 Blind in both eyes, +75% damage, see SLASHING for results
38-44 Organ hit, see ORGAN chart
45-47 Blade stuck in bone, max weapon damage every round until removed
48-51 Limb: tendon severed, 1 limb useless- see LIMB chart
52-62 Lodged in vital area, take damage again when removed
63-69 Damaged Item, Save DC weapon damage, damage -d4
70-78 Solar plexus hit, damage X2.5
79-90 Gut wound, effects as stomach wound use ORGAN chart
91-99 Exceptional blow – blade passes through body, damage X3
100 Strike perfect blow – instant death


(Staff, Club, Hammer, Mace, Morning Star, Quarterstaff, Flail)

d100 Result
01-03 Crush neck- damage =20+ 1d10, save vs. paralysis or paralyzed from neck down until cured for 2x damage taken
04 Crush throat, damage +50% and can’t breathe; suffication begins next round
15-20 Limb cracked, roll on LIMB chart to see which one. Useless for 2 months
21 Head trama, lose –1 INT or 1d3 spells from highest level
22-27 Crack skull, damage =10 + 1d10, Fortitude DC20 or lose 1-2 points of WIS and INT
28-29 Spine cracked, see SLASHING for effects
30-36 Rib cracked, damage +20%, -1 to attack
37-42 If wearing plate, crunched inside +10 damage and 50% chance of not being able to breathe until removed; if not removed, treat as crushed throat, -1 AC worse for armor.
43-46 If wearing chain, horrible imprint left, +25% damage and 25% chance of scar
47-50 Organ ruptured; see ORGAN chart
51-57 Stunned for 1d10 rounds, prone for 1d6 rnds
58-63 Hit face, -1 charisma, damage +25%
64 Helm destroyed (only magic helms get saving throw) Fortitude DC15 or knocked out
65 Crushed Hand, -2 to hit and disarmed
66-73 Shield destroyed (only magic shields get saving throw)
74-77 Broken item Save DC weapon damage, damage -25%
78-83 Hit tip of sternum, damage x2, -2 to hit
84-85 Crush pelvis, damage +50%
86-90 Crack jawbone, +10% damage and can’t talk or eat for 1d12 days
91-94 Glancing blow to face, 1/2 damage, 1d8 teeth knocked out, -2 Charisma
95-99 Shoulder crushed and arm useless
100 Head crushed in – dead


(Arrow, Dart, Thrown Dagger, Crossbow Bolt)

d100 Result
01-09 Hit vulnerable area, damage X2
10-12 Strike vital area, damage X3
13-23 Blind in one eye, X3 damage,-2 to hit, -4 with missiles, lose DEX bonus on AC
24-30 Stick in bone, take damage again to remove
31-36 Pierce hand, useless for one week or until 2X damage cured
37-40 Pierced neck, 1d10 damage, + 1d4 damage for next three rounds from bleeding
41-45 Limb hit at joint (use LIMB chart), limb useless until projectile removed, then -1 to hit with that limb until healed
46-50 Remove finger, see LIMB chart
51-59 Pass entirely through body, X2 damage
50-68 Pin arm to chest, chance to remove-chance to open doors +10%
69-77 Hit weapon hand, see LIMB chart for ARM damage
78-84 Organ hit, see ORGAN chart
85-93 Projectile sinks all the way in, unpleasant damage X2
94-98 Projectile lodged in bone, max weapon damage until removed
99 Limb, stuck in major tendon, making that limb useless, us LIMB table for location
100 Heart seeker – DEATH


(Bardiche, bec de corbin, bill-guisarme, glaive, par ransuer, spetum, voulge)

d100 Result
01-09 Hit vulnerable area, damage X2
10-12 Strike vital area, damage X4
13-18 Mutilate chest, damage X2
19-24 Horrible gash, damage X2, infection in 1d6 days
25-40 Limb struck, see LIMB chart
41-43 Grazed face, damage +1/2, -1 on charisma until X3 damage cured
44-47 Destroyed armor if chainmail or weaker
48-51 Blind in one eye, damage X2, see SLASHING
52-54 Blind in both eyes, damage X2, see SLASHING
55-62 Rip shield from grasp, 1/2 damage (if no shield, MAX damage)
63-71 Organ hit, see ORGAN chart
72-78 Stuck in ribs, take damage every round until removed
79-80 Blade goes entirely through, take X3 MAX damage
81-88 Polearm disarms opponent, no damage unless opponent has teeth or claws
89-94 Destroy 1d4 items, 1/2 damage
95-99 Hack out chunk of flesh, X3 MAX damage, -4 to charisma, will leave bad scar
100 Blade cleaves skull, Fortitude DC 25. If saved then instant death, if failed, character loses 1d4 on constitution permanently and dies very horribly


(Spear, Javilin, Trident, Lance, Fork, Pick, Pike)

d100 Result
01-09 Hit vulnerable area, damage X2
10-12 Strike vital area, damage MAX X2
13-20 Impaled, MAX damage and takes 1d6 rounds to remove
21-29 Victim pinned to ground for 1d4 rounds
30-36 Neck punctured, see THRUSTING
37-41 Arm pinned to body, MAX damage
42-46 Hit shoulder, arm useless, -4 to hit due to pain
47-48 Impaled and lifted off ground, X3 damage
49-55 Sticks in shield, makes both shield and spear useless, 10% chance of hitting arm 1/2 damage if this occurs
56-60 Hit ribs and break several X2 damage -2 to hit
61-70 Blind in one eye, X2 damage, see SLASHING
71-79 Roll on THRUSTING table
80-83 Destroyed 1-2 items, 1/2 damage
84-87 Hit face, X2 damage, 25% chance of scar, -1 charisma until cured for 2x damage
88-94 Hit in gut, see SLASHING
95-99 Goes clear through body, MAX X2 damage
100 Pierces heart, Fortitude DC 25 or dead, if saved HP reduced to 0


(Some maces, Morning-stars, Flails, Clubs)

d100 Result
01-50 Roll on crushing table, with +1d4 damage
51-57 destroyed chainmail or weaker armor
58-67 Removed finger, see LIMB chart for effects
68-73 Stuck in bone, take damage every round until removed (removal takes damage)
74-77 Punctured one eye, damage X2, see SLASHING
78-83 Punctured both eyes, damage MAX X2, see SLASHING
84-88 Many spikes hit, MAX X2 damage
89-94 Deep puncture wound, damage X2, will infect in 1d6 days
95-99 Organ hit, see ORGAN chart
100 Crushed skull, dead


(Sling stones, Sling bullets)

d100 Result
01-30 Stunned. Can’t fight or move for 1d4 rounds
31-50 Blind in one eye, X2 damage, see SLASHING
51-70 Limb cracked, X2 damage (25% chance of being useless), see LIMB chart
71-80 Limb broken, MAX X2 damage, (75% chance of being useless), see LIMB chart
81-99 Vital area, MAX X2 damage
100 Passed through eye, Fortitude DC 25 or dead, blind in one eye, and character loses 1d2 wisdom permanently. If saved, just dead


(Monsters, unarmed humanoids)

d100 Result
01-09 Hit vulnerable area, MAX damage
10-12 Hit vital area, MAX X2 damage
13-31 Limb hit, see LIMB chart
32-35 Break ribs, damage X2, -4 to hit due to pain
36-38 Organ gouged, see ORGAN chart
39-51 Knocked down (if possible), MAX damage, monster gets +2 to hit on next attack save vs. paralysis or lose next attack
52-54 Blind in one eye, damage X2, see SLASHING
55-57 Blind in both eyes, damage X2 see SLASHING
58-65 Severed major tendon, see SLASHING
66-75 Roll on SPIKED table
76-79 Unpleasant things done to face, X2 damage, -2 charisma, 5% each major feature being made useless. Cure for 5x damage to heal.
80-99 Deep gouge, MAX X2 damage, weird scar and will be infected if possible
100 Removed throat, Fortitude DC 30 or dead. If saved, reduced to 0 HP and charisma -6 due to huge scar on neck.



Reverse all L & R for left-handers

SIDE (d6)
1 R. Leg
2,5 L. Leg
3,6 R. Arm
4 L. Arm
1 Fingers (toes)
2-3 Wrist (ankle)
4-5 Mid-forearm (mid-calf)
6-8 Elbow (knee)
9-10 Shoulder (hip)
1 Temporarily damaged
2 Badly hacked
3-4 Crippled severely
5-6 Completely severed
  • Temporarily damaged -4 to hit, -4 to damage
  • Badly hacked -6 to hit, -6 to damage
  • Crippled severely -8 to hit, -8 to damage
  • Fingers remove 1-2 fingers, lose 1 hp each, 25% chance thumb. If thumb then hand is useless
  • Completely severed -10 to hit, -10 damage
  • Toes -10% movement
  • Temporarily damaged -10% movement
  • Badly hacked -25% movement
  • Crippled severely -50% movement
  • Completely severed -90% movement


Location (d6)
1 Lung- Damage X2, save vs. poison or lung collapses: unconscious for 10-20rnds then half move until healed
2 Heart- (nicked): Damage MAX X2
3 Kidney- Damage +2, blood poisoning, death in 4d12+CON hours; neutralize poison will add 10 hours
4 Liver- Damage +3, bleed for 1d4 hp for 5 rounds
5 Spleen- Damage +3, bleed for 1d6 hp for 5 rounds
6 Stomach- Damage X2, take full damage again daily from digestive fluids. Will become terminally infected in one day. This will weaken the victim at 1 Strength and 1 Constitution point / day. The victim dies when Strength, Constitution, or HP goes below zero. A cure disease is required to stop infection; thereafter, the character will regain Strength and Constitution at the rate of 1 point per day

01-09 Hit exposed area, MAX X2 damage
10-40 All oil, alcohol, or other flammables explode for 1/2 damage each
41-45 If holding metal item, it melts onto hand permanently (only if fire is strong enough)
46-50 Destroy 1d4 items, take full damage
51-54 One eye is burned, X2 damage, see SLASHING
55-60 Both eyes are burned, X2 damage, see SLASHING
61-66 Blinded for 1d6 rounds
67-74 Smoke inhalation, out of action for 1d4 rounds
75-80 Flame gets under clothes or armor, X2 damage
81-99 Burned face and skin, causing scars and -3 charisma, must cure for 5x damage to regain charisma
100 Inhaled flame, Fortitude save DC 25 or lungs burned out and death. If saved, MAX damage X2

01-40 Limb frozen, cure within 10 rnds or lose it (roll on LIMB table)
41-50 1d6 non-magical glass and metal items turn brittle; save at -5 if struck
51-60 Severely frozen, Strength and Dexterity -2 for 2d6 rounds
61-70 Go into shock from cold (same effects as being unconscious) Roll less than CON on d20 every round to come out the next round unharmed
71-75 Body completely numbed- all surface nerves paralyzed for 1d4 hours: will not know damage taken per each blow, Dex check DC5 for each attack or will drop weapon
76-88 Severe frostbite- lose toes, nose, etc. (see Druid’s Chill Metal Spell)
89-99 Flesh frozen and gangrene will set in, X2 damage
100 Blood crystallized, Fortitude save DC 25 or die. If saved HP reduced to 0

01-20 Hits unprotected area, X2 damage
21-40 Goes into convulsions for 1d4 rnds, X2 damage
41-46 All potions carried make saving throw or are changed: 1-50 useless, 51-90 changed, 91-00 poison
47-52 If wearing metal armor, welded inside; MAX damage
53-65 Severe burns at entry and exit points, X2 damage
66-70 One limb burned off (roll on LIMB table) MAX X2 damage
71-80 Nervous system damaged: lose 1d4 of dexterity (regained if healed magically for 5X damage)
81-85 Nervous system damaged: lose 1d4 of wisdom (regained if healed magically for 5x damage)
86-90 Nervous system damaged: lose 1d4 of intelligence (regained if healed magically for 5x damage)
91-93 Temporary amnesia lasts (9+d20) days
94 Partial amnesia, Fortitude save DC 25 or lose 1d3 levels
95-98 Temporary insanity 1d8 days
99 Permanent insanity
100 Strikes heart, death

01-40 Limb struck, use LIMB chart or DM’s choice
41-60 Hits exposed area, X2 damage
61-70 All items close to area hit save at -3 or destroyed
71-77 Acid gets into potion flask, water skin, etc.
78-82 One eye blinded, damage X2, see SLASHING
83-90 Both eyes blinded, damage X2, see SLASHING
91 Hair burned off, -3 damage
92-99 Severe facial damage, -3 charisma, heal damage X6 to regain
100 Death melted to a puddle

Modified Critical Table

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