Ravens Tongue

The Raven’s Tongue

Bartender: Varies. Always well dressed.

Clientele: A variety of humans from the middle merchant class, foreign traders, and lower noble houses. During the evenings, the tavern sees more of the lower classes, and a wider variety of humanoids, with few staying over night.

  • Poor (2nd and 3rd floor, a small room, small bed, extra cot on request, locking dresser DC10, locking door DC10) for 1 gp/day
  • Excellent (4th floor, a large private room with large bed, private bath with hot water on request, snacks on request, and private chamber pot in a separate chamber) for 4 gp/day
  • Secure (5th floor, a large private room with medium bed, no windows, heated, and private chamber pot, locked door DC20) 5 gp/day

  • Breakfast: Frog legs, Duck eggs, Curds, Currants, Nut bread (cost 2gp)
  • Lunch: Rabbit stew, Duck eggs, Broccoli, Peach (cost 2gp)
  • Supper: Broiled catfish, Leeks, Succotash, Millet, Mince pie (cost 2gp)
  • Snack: Sharp cheese, Stewed prunes, Mush (cost 8sp)

Ravens Tongue

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