Simon and Ditmus Messaging

Simon and Ditmus Messaging

Found through out the island at various carts, booths, and offering services inside dozens of inns, Simon and Ditmus Messaging competes with few for the title of premier couriers on Fogdown.


Simon and Ditmus Messaging was founded towards the final years of the second republic by Simon Ashral and Ditmus Brell. The two humans were colleagues at the Arcanexicanium who struggled with the rigid hierarchy of privilege and title that commonly influenced promotion and teaching status. As low level professors, the two sought out other avenues for making a stake in the city, that had just stabilized under the rule of the Keepers of the Mist. When the two learned the Arcanexicanium were proposing mining under the bay in search of the recently discovered De’Ryans’ Eye gems, they packed up their things and purchased a courier service in the Upper Docks. Using their arcane resources and knowledge, Simon and Ditmus trained and equipped special couriers called Runners, to act as scouts and messengers to the expedition occurring under the bay. When suddenly the miners disappeared, Simon and Ditmus utilized their couriers knowledge of the mines under to bay to establish a special-nitch service: Quick delivery of confidential messages and packages from the Upper Docks to the Lower Docks.

After Simon and Ditmus passed away, the company was entrusted to their most loyal and experienced employee: An Aasimar by the name Muriel Brightfane. Under the direction of Muriel, S&D Messaging has expanded it’s services to include everyday messaging from dozens of locations on the island to any other district. They also continue to make deliveries by way of the Underbay, but most deliveries are restricted to packages.


All S&D locations offer confidential courier services – whether it is a small shop in the Crescent Downs or a lone Runner soliciting his services at the Upper Docks. Prices vary by distance, package and availability but typically are in the range of 2 sp to 5 sp. Messages destined for the continent typically run more.

At some locations, relevant arcane services are also offered including: message, locate object, and scry

Long term messenger services, specialty deliveries, application to become a runner, and other business that would require the consideration of Muriel is conducted at one of S&D’s main office, located in the Upper Docks and Lower Docks.

Simon and Ditmus Messaging

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