Sterns Dock

Stern’s Docks

Stern’s Docks are located in the Upper Docks, just north of the westernmost piers. Outside a small two story shack, a constant pile of drift one is always seen piled no less than 20 feet in the air. A muscular shirtless half-Drow is often seen working on the pile.

Stern runs a very particular but useful business on the island. Drift wood and debris from shipwrecks that happen frequently near the island wash ashore. Stern specializes in collecting the wood (a commodity itself on the island) and stripping the metal from them, which he then smelts down. Stern uses the metal he collects to craft some of the finest locks on the island.

On the side, Stern also makes some of the best lockpicks and thieve’s tools on Fogdown.

Thieves’ Tools

If approached with some reserve, Stern is happy to sell his wares to any who come knocking. Any trouble is swiftly dealt with by his half-Drow assistant, Alex.

Sterns Dock

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