The Church of Helm

The Church of Helm


Helmites have long been respected and revered for their dedication and purpose, and their pledge to come to the defense of those who call for it. They wear polished full suits of armor often with plumed helmets. Their hierarchy is strict and militaristic, with specific groups such as the order of paladins called the Vigilant Eyes of the Deity, and originally also a single pontiff (head of the church)—the Supreme Watcher. There has not been someone in this post since 992 DR, though.

Orders on Fogdown

On Fogdown, city-guards in an order of Helm are referred to as Silver Knights, or by the name of the order they are in.

  • Everwatch Knights – are a group of dedicated bodyguards whom Helmite temples hire out to others to generate revenue.
  • Vigilant Eyes of the Deity – is the order of the paladins who worship Helm. All paladins may join this guild after squirehood.


Titles used by the clergy of Helm are (in ascending order of rank): Novice, Adept, Trusty, Alert, Watchknight, Guardian, Overblade, High Watcher, and Senior Steeleye (A title applied to all senior clergy).

Holy Days and Rituals

  • Ceremony of Honor to Helm – The only calendar-related ritual observed by Helmites, a festival to honour Helm celibrated on each Shieldmeet.
  • Consecration of a Postulant – Confirmation of new clergy
  • Consecration of a Glymtul – Dedication of an item to Helm’s service
  • Purification – An atonement for a shortcoming in vigilance, loyalty or worship
  • Holy Vigil – Ceremony marking the ascension of a priest to a higher rank

The Church of Helm

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