The Day Harbor Inn

Day Harbors Inn

Located at the northern end of Glennwin St., the Day Harbors Inn sits packed between towering rows of buildings. Inside, a large inviting space crowded with tables faces a stage. A bar runs along the eastern wall, and two stairwells run on either side to the second and third floor lodgings.

Bartender: Walden Moore (Human, male, Commoner 4)

Clientele: Mostly commoners during the days, waiting for thier shifts to start. Evenings: Daylabors relaxing after a long days work, a few groupings of conspicuous individuals in booths along the walls.

  • Common (an unimpressive bed with a blanket and pillow, no dresser or trunk). 3 sp/day
  • Secret (On the top, no windows, 2 decent beds with linens, stone walls, drafty and poorly heated, locked door (DC20). 3 gp/day

  • Breakfast: Ham, Sharp cheese, Hippogriff egg, Stewed prunes, Corn pone
  • Lunch: Leg of mutton, Sharp cheese, Leeks, Pear
  • Supper: Stuffed trout, Spinach, Broad beans, Oatmeal, Wood-elven crisp cakes
  • Snack: Goose eggs, Apple, Mush

The Day Harbor Inn

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