The Hangmen

The Hangmen

Cutters, roofrunners, thieves, rogues and Piecemen of all types, the Hangmen pickup where petty neighborhood gangs leave off. Not content with petty theft and thuggry, the Hangmen specialize in protection work and robbery, often working in gangs or with hired hands.

Background: The Hangmen’s history goes as far back as the end years of the Second Republic, in the period of it’s deepest corruption. At that time, Capitan Derek Grom a compassionate yet stern city-watchman stationed at the Keystone, saw in the hundreds being hung for crimes, the spark of a second chance. In exchange for secretly saving their lives after they were hung, Capt. Gorm asked of each new member their solemn vow that they serve the interests of law and order and renounce their former criminal ways. The Lastchancers, as they became known as, served justice as outlaws in a increasingly corrupt and criminal city.

By the end of the 2nd Republic, corruption seized even the Lastchancers. Jonny Undergallows, working his way through the ranks, ultimately betrayed Capt. Derek Grom, swearing the allegiance of the Lastchancers, now named the Hangmen, to the newly formed Union of the Night. As the Union of Night disintegrated with the arrival of the Divine Triad, Jonny Undergallows, took his new guild to the Upper Docks to setup a new operation of racketing, robbery and murder, while retaining the Lastchancers’ strange recruitment methods.

Enemies and Allies: The Hangmen are currently in an strong alliance with the Church of Mask. As such, they share their enemies: The Nightsend and the Church of Shar. The Hangmen have been known to make deals with Plauge by Night (an other enemy of the Nightsend), and various Houses from time to time.

Type: Thieves Guild

Activity: Robbery, Racketing, Assassination, Gambling

Hierarchy: One leader, disperse membership

Headquarters: The Dockside Rope Company

Leader: Jonny Undergallows (takes consul with a number of Street Masters)

Members: Typical members are criminals of all stripes. Since so many crimes in Fogdown are punishable by death, members range from petty rogues to deranged sorcerers. All member’s have scars around their necks, which they typically cover with scarfs, collars, gorgets, or collars. Typically members have some item of jewelry or clothing on with the Hangmen’s symbol – a patch, a ring, earring, cuff links, brooch, etc. Most members are bosterious, jocular and bullish.

Secrecy: Low (Very High for The Hooded)

Affiliation Criteria: Individuals wishing to join the Hangmen must meet the criteria for the lowest affiliation. They must also be have been sentence to death by a Fogdown court, and swear allegiance to Hangmen before their execution. Note that the assassin wing of the Hangmen, The Hooded have their own ranks, criterion and benefits.

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 PC’s level
Perform initiation ritual +4
Sneak Attack +3d6 or higher +2
10 or more ranks in Hide, Sleight of Hand, Open Lock or Move Silently +2 per skill
Worked a protection job for the guild for over 3 months +1 and every month after
Tips off the guild to any possible attacks or negative actions against it +2
Performs a swindle or heist that nets 1000 gp +1
Steal from someone under guild’s protection -6
No ranks in Sleight of Hand, Open Lock or Move Silently -2 per skill

Affiliation Score Title: Benefits Duties
3 or lower No affiliation, servant or hired hand.
4-10 Hung Initiate: Gain establishment benefits form various shops, inns and taverns in guild territory. Eligible to enter the ranks of the Hooded.
11-15 Cutter: +2 Hide and Move Silently in guild territory. Gifted Dawn of the Night, Mastercrafter blackened dagger. Enemies of guild may provoke attack.
16-22 Alley Runner: Once a month able to request up to 1000gp item from a shop under Hangmen protection. Gifted Twilight of the Night, +1 blackened dagger. +2 on Gather Information checks in territory. Enemies of guild may seek you out to attack when traveling in hostile territory. Must donate 5% of treasure to guild.
23-29 Street Master: Able to command an EL8 gang of Hangmen to perform assignment. Gain +4 on Gather Information checks in territory. Gifted Day Bane, +2 blackened keen dagger. Grey Knights may over look crimes. Traveling in enemy territory will provoke an attack if discovered. Must donate 10% of treasure to guild. Must accept assignments or suffer -4 to affiliation per assignment.
30 or higher Master Headsman: Able to command any number of members, up to guild max membership, on assignments. May request any information from guild hired Informants, free of charge. May travel through guild territory uninhabited. +8 Gather Information in guild territory. Grey Knights consider you untouchable. The coffers of the guild are at your disposal. Will face regular assassination attempts. Traveling in enemy territory will provoke attacks, guild war and/or retaliation if discovered. Must take Leadership feat, and make a check DC30 each month or loose members at DM discretion.

The Hangmen

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