The Nightsend

The Nightsend

Stalking the fogs of the midmarket, the Nightsend terrorizes the northern Crescent Downs with murder and robbery. The Nightsend are fond of bloodshed and kidnapping, and typically recruit the most deranged and unstable of the island.

Background: In the early days of the First Republic, convicts were often sent to Fogdown from Waterdeep and Calimport as a means of getting rid of the unwanted, while the leaders of Fogdown saw it as bolstering the flow of labor to the vast mines in operation. Some of the time though, these unwanted would be too unstable to be put to work. In an effort to weed out the unstable, Willowbrook was founded as Fogdown’s primary asylum for the insane. Over the years, Willowbrook became the center of wild rumors and speculations – from strange Necromantic experiments to torture and murder. During the riots of the First Republic, many escaped or were released from Willowbrook. After the founding of the Second Republic, a strange murder cult formed in the area around Willowbrook, recruiting from patients, they called themselves the Knights End, and specifically targeted the city-watch for their brutal murders.

By the end of the Second Republic, the Knights End had mostly vanished, or gone underground, and Willowbrook had closed. As the Union of the Night crumbled, marked by the arrival of the Divine Triad at the beginning of the Third Republic, a mysterious character emerged from the ruins – Delvarious Spectry – who seemingly took control of the Knights End effortlessly, renaming it the Nightsend, and giving the group an agenda amongst it indulgent, murderous tendencies. One of those agendas is the End Night, a once a month event where the members of the Nightsend stalk the Midmarket and Northern Crescent Downs in mass, hunting for victims to satisfy their blood lust.

Enemies and Allies: The Nightsend’s recent alliance with the Church of Shar had sparked a territory war with the Hangmen and the Church of Mask around the Dock Act Bill. Now, the Nightsend continue a fight with the Plague by Night, south of their territory for control of the sewers and underways.

Type: Thieves Guild

Activity: Murder, robbery, theft, slave trade

Hierarchy: One leader with consul, celled membership

Headquarters: Scattered throughout the sewers under Midmarket, formerly in Willowbrook: Fogdown’s Insane Asylum.

Leader: Delvarious Spectry

Members: Typical members are rogues of different kinds, and often multiclassed fighters, usually disshoveled and unkept. Members pride themselves on the amount of terror they induce – personally and organizationally. In arenas outside their cells, members maybe more reclusive and less social with strangers. All members adorn the symbol of the Nightsend, typical sewn into their clothing.

Secrecy: Medium (Very High for leadership)

Affiliation Criteria: To qualify for recognition by the Nightsend, a player must kill a humaniod for no other reason then to prove their interest in the guild. Alternatively, a player must have a history connected to Willowbrook.

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 PC’s level
Contribute 25% or over to cell’s tithe +1
5 or more ranks in Hide, Move Silently, Bluff or Intimidate +1 per skill
Tips off the guild to any possible attacks or negative actions against it +2
Participate in the End Night +1 per
Captures a prisoner for the guild +1 per prisoner
Reveals a secret pertaining to the guild, such as Cell location or plans -6
Good alignment -4
Has killed a person for no other reason then to prove fealty to the guild +3
Has a history of mental illness +1

Affiliation Score Title: Benefits Duties
3 or lower No affiliation, slave or hired hand.
4-10 Cell Associate: Gain establishment benefits form various shops, inns and taverns in guild territory. +2 to Intimate in guild territory.
11-15 Cell Member: +2 Knowledge (Local) in guild territory. Able to request up to 600gp a month in armor and weapons. Must donate 5% of income to Cell tithe.
16-22 Cell Master: Able to utilize up to 3000 gp per month from Cell coffers for improvement and equipment of Cell. You command a Cell of EL8 members. Must capture one prisoner per month or suffer -1 affiliation. Guards may be suspicious of your activity. Must donate 10% of income to Cell tithe.
23-29 Inner Circle Member: Able to command up to 5 EL8 Cells in a designated area to do bidding. Able to request use of entire guilds monthly expenditure. +4 Intimidate within or outside of guild territory. Must participate in the End Night, or suffer -4 affiliation. Guards will attack on site if they recognize you. Maybe target of assassinations.
30 or higher Lord of the Hunt: Able to utilize guild coffers at discretion. Able to command any Cell in guild, up to 10 EL8 Cells anywhere in guild territory. Guards will attack on site if they recognize you. Traveling into enemy guild territory may provoke attack, guild war or retaliation if discovered. -4 Diplomacy outside of guild territory. Each month, you must make an Intimidate check DC30 or face challenge at DM’s discretion.

The Nightsend

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