Watery nook


Overlooking the Upper Docks, the Waterynook is one of the most prominent warehouse storage facilities on the island. Owned and operated by Morgana De’Fey for over 20 years, the warehouse caters to the many merchant fleets from the mainland and resident on Fogdown. For a fee, cargo of all sorts can be stored in the warehouse indefinitely, acting as a touch point for the grand relay of ships moving cargo along the Northern and Southern Routes.

The building itself is two-story flagstone warehouse. In the front, a wooden door next to a bay window is the entrance to the customer area. Above on the second floor, a large fixed window overlooks the harbor. The only entrance in the back, is a large double wooden door for loading and unloading cargo from the storage area.

Morgana employs a handful of wizards, clerics and sorcerers focusing on necromancy to maintain a substantial workforce of skeletons, who in the main work inside the large warehouse moving and storing cargo. The “workshop” where the undead are maintained is the subject of many rumors. Her reputation as a ruthless and crafty business women has kept many from double dealing her and craved out a rather quaint niche for her business in the eyes of the Undercity.

Watery nook

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