The Windsong

Operating out of the prestigious University of Song and Dance, the Windsong act as smugglers and informants for the underbelly of Fogdown, while also providing over 80% of the islands musical entertainment often touring the many inns, taverns and drinking holes of the island.


Enemies and Allies: The Windsong have few true allies, often choosing to stay as neutral as possible in the dealings of the criminal organizations, evil churches, and the houses. The only real enemy of the Windsong are the Thieves of the Lastdance, and even then, one will never see them engaged in public conflict.

Type: Thieves Guild/Bardic College

Activity: Smuggling, Information Dealing and Gathering, Pick Pocketing

Hierarchy: A collective of the Masters of the various colleges , with an appointed leader (“Dean” and “Conductor”). Basic university hierarchy.

Headquarters: University of Song and Dance

Leader(s): Il’gax Chanson (Grand Conductor), Hovel Wells (Concertmaster)

Members: Windsong members are predominantly Bards, with few exceptions. Most members turned to the University as means of escaping the life and death struggles of other criminal organizations, seeking a calmer, albeit still illegal life style. As such, most have backgrounds as Piecemen, Cutters, (that is, Rogues) and occasional Fighters.

Secrecy: Low (Medium for Windsong members)

Affiliation Criteria: Individuals wishing to join the Windsong must first be admitted to the University of Song and Dance. Applications must be submitted in person at the University’s main campus in the Crescent Downs.

Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 PC’s level
5 or more ranks in Perform +1
10 or more ranks in Perform or Gather Information +2 per skill
Has Bardic Music as an ability +1
Complete a tour for the University +1 per month
Pass the entrance exam +2
Become admitted to a College within the University +2
Traffic items worth over 1000gp +1 per run
Reveal to the Windsong a secret or hard to find information +1 per
Refuse to accept an assignment from the Windsong -4
Fail to impress an audience with Perform -4
Known to associate with the Thieves of the Lastdance -2
Perform or compose a song embarrassing the Windsong or its current allies -6

Affiliation Score Title: Benefits Duties
3 or lower No affiliation or associate
4-10 Undergraduate: Gain one extra bard spell per day, whose level is equal to rank in guild (e.g. Undergrad, lvl-0, College Initiate lvl-1, etc). Must spend a total of 10 days on campus per month or suffer -2 affiliation.
11-15 College Initiate: +2 to Perform, gifted masterwork instrument of choosing with life time free repairs and replacement. Must pay 5% of income in tuition. Must make Perform DC30 to pass college entrance exam.
16-22 Favored of the College: +2 to skills associated with College (see below). Fence up to 500 gp in items per month. Must pay 10% of income in tuition.
23-29 Master of the College: One time per month, may drop a spell slot to cast any Bard Spell for that level, even if not known. College budget is at your disposal with Diplomacy DC15. Must be recognized as member of the Windsong to achieve this title. If member of the College of the Mind’s Wonder, title is Concertmaster.
30 or higher Grand Dean of Univeristy and The Grand Conductor: Three times per month, may drop a spell slot to cast any Bard Spell for that level, even if not known. University treasury is at your disposal, with Diplomacy DC20. Must make Diplomacy DC30 or pay 300gp to keep up appearance of legitimate business.

Instrument College Associated Skill
Wind Instruments College of the Final Requiem Knowledge (Undead)
Brass Instruments College of Time’s March Knowledge (History)
Vocals College of the Battle Criers Knowledge (War)
Percussion College of the Heart’s Song Knowledge (Religion)
Strings College of the Mind’s Wonder Knowledge (Planes)


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