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Dramatis Personæ (Retired)

Name Race (Gender) Class (Level) Player
Faridoon Kepa Human (m) Fighter (Thug) 6 Dave
Vuutharak Vorastrix Lizardfolk (m) Rogue 1/Sorcerer 3 Andrew
Jinaek “Jinx” Nok’Aedris Half-Orc (m) Monk 6 Sam
Draelin Human (m) Cleric 4 (Besmara) Travis

Districts and Neighborhoods

Upper Docks
Crescent Downs
Bay Market
The Downs
Double District
Lower Docks
Alley of Houses
The Last Reach


The City Basics


  • The Undercity – Hidden in backrooms, down dark alleys, lurking in the sewers; the place where things really happen
  • Organizations – Gentleman’s clubs, Artisan Guilds and Syndicates; the legal facade of Fogdown.
  • Noble Houses of Fogdown – The political center and power on the island
  • The City Senate – A noble’s battlefield; the city government
  • Churches and Cults – Where the faithful and perverse play
  • City Defense – The City Watch, the City Guard, and the Grey Knights

Magical and Mechanex Item Information


  • House Rules – We all got ‘em. Includes Fate Points, skill challenges, etc
  • Resources – Books and links that are referenced or used in this game
  • Credits- Hey, we can’t draw all of them

Main Page

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